Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We realize the sheer amount of information we have here and the plethora of services we provide can be a lot to take in all at once. Perhaps there are some unanswered questions you have after browsing our site. We can help! We have compiled a list here of the most frequent questions our clients ask and have provided our best answers to those questions. If you still have questions that are not covered here, we want to answer those too! Please use the form on our contact page and we would be happy to explain anything at all about our services.

Airport Transfers

Do you have a Guarantee of Service?

After you have received your confirmation e-mail your car is guaranteed to be waiting for you at the location and scheduled pick up time you requested. We will arrive at your location 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. If our driver is late more than 10 minutes you ride FREE.

How do Airport pickups work?

At both O’Hare airport and Midway airport, there is a center-line in the lower level of the terminal, where we will pick you up after you call us to let us know that you have arrived. If you would prefer, please order the optional Meet and Greet service for an additional $60. With this service, our greeter will hold a sign and meet the passenger/group at the arriving flight’s baggage claim.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

We monitor all inbound flights, so that we are waiting for you at the airport according to your flights landing time. You do not need to call us if your flight is delayed. If you change flights, you must call us with the new flight info.

When can I book a pickup?

You can book your request at any time of the day. However, we strongly recommend that you book a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

When can I get picked up?

You can get picked up anytime. We operate 24/7.

What flight info should I enter for airport runs?

Your Airline, Flight Number, and Flight Time, for example “American Airlines Flight #1020 Arriving @ 5:25 PM”. This info is required for Arriving flights and recommended for departing flights.

Can you call me to remind me of my pickup?

Yes! We will gladly place a courtesy call to remind you of your reservation, at the time of, a few hours before, or the day before, your pickup.

Rates & Billing

What is your credit card processing procedure?

At the time of the reservation we take a credit card over the phone or online reservations. 24 hours prior to the pick up date we take an authorization on the card to guarantee funds availability. It will show as “Pending funds” on your credit card account statement. The authorization amount is usually higher than the expected charges, just in case if you decide to make an additional stop you did not inform us of or change your destination. The final charge from A1 Classic Limousine Group will occur after the services provided by our company are complete (most sales will show on the same day).

How will I pay for my ride?

We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

What is included in the rate?

The rate you receive from us in your email quote is all-inclusive. Gratuity is at the customers discretion. NOTE: Other charges which may be added to your email-quoted fare are limited to: Charges for lateness/ tardiness by the customer. Charges for extra stops requested by the customer. Charges for unusual damage to the vehicle beyond reasonable wear and tear

What is the tipping/gratuity policy?

We believe gratuity is based on merit. You choose the amount of gratuity you would like to give to your driver!

What are the fees/policies for Extra Stops?

I. “Hourly” itineraries include unlimited unplanned extra stops, within the booked time period, free of charge. The driver is considered to be “On-Call”. II. For all other itinerary types, including one-way and round trip itineraries: A. Extra stops which you specifically mention when you fill out our online reservation form are included in the rate quote. B. Extra stops which you do not specifically mention when you fill out our online reservation form are considered extra stop/s and a fee applies. The fee depends on distance traveled and type of limo.

What are the fees/policies for lateness/tardiness by the customer?

You may be required to pay a waiting fee in order to receive service if you are (A) more than forty five (45) minutes late for your pickup from an airport or (B) more than fifteen (15) minutes late for your pickup from any other location. The waiting fee is $15.00 per fifteen (15) minute period or fraction thereof. If you are (A) more than sixty (60) minutes late for your pickup from an airport or (B) more than thirty (30) minutes late for your pickup from any other location, we reserve the right to cancel your pickup with no refund. However, please attempt to contact us as we might be willing to give a partial refund in certain situations.

What is the Cancellation/Refund Policy?

We require at least 2-hour notice to change or cancel your reservation for sedans, SUVs, and limousines. We require 7 day notice for all other specialty vehicle such as Hummer, Ford SUVs and party buses. If you cancel less than two hour before your scheduled pick up time, we we reserve the right to charge a 100% cancellation fee. However, please contact us as we might be willing to give a partial refund in certain situations.  

What if I am unable to arrive in time for a reservation, “No Show”?

Failing to notify of us to cancel your order at least 2 hours prior to the pick up will be charged full rate minus gratuity.

General Questions

What type of Limos are used for my transportation?

Our fleet consists of luxury sedans, SUVs, stretch limos and sprinter vans. All of our cars are less than 5 years of age. Luxury Sedans are either Lincoln MKT, Continental, Nautilus, Aviator or Cadillac XTS. SUVs are Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon, Chevy Suburban or Ford Expedition MAX. Stretch Limousines are all Lincoln MKT Stretch or Cadillac XTS Stretch limousines. Stretch SUVs are Hummers and Ford Excursions.

What is the alcohol/ drug policy?

Alcohol consumption or possession is not permitted by anyone in the vehicle, if any of the passengers are under 21 years of age. Illegal drug consumption or possession by any passenger is not permitted. Breaking these terms is grounds for immediate termination of service for all passengers, with no refund.

What is the Lost-and-Found policy?

We are not responsible for any baggage, personal items, or anything else left behind by passengers in the vehicle. However please contact us if you have lost an item and we will return it to you if we have found it.